64 Doughnuts. 1 Champion.

this years prizes consist of:

second Round = free original glazed dozen

third round = Free classic dozen

sweet sixteen = Free combo dozen + Harold's "to-go" coffee

elite eight = free craft dozen + harold's "to-go" coffee

final four = Your name on a Doughnut bar event

                    Championship winner = a two hour doughnut making experience at                                                                      harold's for you and five friends!


How does scoring work in 2017

Doughnut matchup winners - i.e. Glazed vs. Twist - are determined by popular vote. So if Glazed gets 51% of votes and Twist 49%, Glazed moves on to round two. Brackets will be scored at the end of each round. The person with the most points (picks the most winners) wins the prize.  

The winning bracket(s) will be announced on april 4th! Good luck!

 snap a picture of your completed bracket and share it on social media with  #DOUGHNUTINSANITY to be eligible to win more doughnuts!