FINALLY: Harold's Store to open Friday, January 16

New Years Resolutions: they’re a love/hate kinda thing aren’t they? You plan to better yourself and your life in the New Year ahead, but habits and unwanted extra effort make them last about two weeks. There are a lot of different resolutions that I’ve thought about (key word here being thought): stop swearing, eat better, stop procrastinating my homework, write every day, etc.

Maybe the problem with resolutions is that we’re making them the wrong way.

But never fear, Columbians because something really great is about to make your 2015 goals a lot better (and way more fun).

Harold’s will finally be open in the New Year and we can’t wait to make your 2015, and all the years after, really really awesome! Opening day is set for Friday, January 16th! 

Because maybe, instead of eating better, you should be eating better. You should be eating things that make you happy. You should eat things that taste not just good, but great. You should eat things that you don’t get to eat other places. You should eat things that are awesome (like doughnuts.)

Harold's will have a full case of classic and craft doughnut creations every day from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. If that isn't enough, it gets even more delicious on Sunday mornings for, OMG, doughnut brunch (the best combination you’ll ever hear of). Think doughnuts and breakfast food all in one. *Drools*

Like I said, you should try new things in 2015. You should experience the ideas of others that you wouldn’t necessarily think of otherwise. You should step outside of your comfort zone (and eat cool, inventive doughnuts) like at the Doughnut Bar, on Thursday-Saturday nights from 7-10, where you can make your own creations! Hang around after for dollar doughnuts, DOLLAR DOUGHNUTS, from 10 – 1 a.m.

You should try and make your community a better place. You should meet its residents. You should support its local businesses (like by visiting Harold’s Doughnuts and meeting the cool staff and learning their even cooler story). Have or know any kids? Bring them by on Saturday mornings for some cool kids themed creation! Like Legos? Play doh? Anything from your childhood? You might find it on your next doughnut (but without the swallowing or stepping on Lego hazards, we promise!).

Maybe I’m biased, or maybe I just know that doughnuts are great and Harold’s is greater and the town of Columbia is the greatest. So why not use your New Years goals on things where you can eat doughnuts and meet friends and go new places?

Harold’s has a lot of exciting new things planned for the New Year and we hope you do too. Get ready, Columbia. We'll see you on Friday, the 16th!