Meet Natalie, Author of the Love Your Craft Blog

Hello doughnut lovers of Columbia!

Welcome to the official Harold’s Doughnuts blog, where I (Hi, I’m Natalie!) have the pleasure of bringing you all things tasty and wonderful.

At Harold’s, our mantra is “love your craft,” which is why I’m here telling you about doughnuts. As an alumnus of the Mizzou J-School, I’ve been taught to write what I know.

I may not be an expert doughnut chef, but I do know that every Sunday when I wake up at home in Chicago, there will be a Boston crème waiting for me on the counter, courtesy of my father, that I will promptly shove into my mouth in one bite. I know that whenever I open the fridge, a box of Entenmanns’s dark chocolate doughnuts will be waiting for me on the lower shelf, positioned just perfectly across the from the 2% milk. I know that up until now, the absence of craft doughnuts in Columbia and on Mizzou’s campus has taken a toll on my well-being.

Most importantly, I know that Harold’s Doughnuts is going to take 9th street by storm one set of taste buds at a time and I’m here to guide you along the way.

Throughout this blog you’ll find new doughnuts, collaborations with other places in the CoMo area (We see you Sparky’s!) and hear about other people who love their craft just as much as we do! I’m looking forward to delivering all things doughnuts to you in the upcoming year and delivering delicious doughnuts to my mouth.

Now before I sign off, here are some important things to know:

1. Doughnuts are actually good for you. Like really good for you. It’s a factual truth that anything that makes you happy doesn’t have calories (especially if you shut your eyes) . . .

2. Which is why you can try our new and upcoming creations including Pumpkin Spice (!!!) and Agnes’ Cinnarollnut, a cinnamon roll doughnut fusion named for Harold’s wife . . .

3. And you can visit the Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ festival to, ahem, MAKE YOUR OWN DOUGHNUTS. People, dreams are coming true over here at Harold’s and we want to share the magic. Our RNBNBB stand will have a fill/glaze your own doughnut station.

And finally, look out for new fall flavors coming soon (think graham crackers, marshmallows, cider, and anything else that makes you feel like you can taste the colors of the changing leaves.) And don’t forget to order doughnuts for delivery to keep you company while you anticipate the open of the storefront on 9th street!

That’s all for now!

XOXO – Doughnut Girl