love your flight

We've all been there. Our alarm wakes us at an abnormally early hour. We wrestle ourselves out of bed to prep for a flight. The process is seemingly always uncomfortable. Suitcase packed? Appropriate sized liquids in clear plastic bags? Boarding pass?

I'm told flying used to be an enjoyable experience. Security lines were short and inviting. One wouldn't think of wearing slip-on shoes and pajamas as a defense mechanism to air travel's current climate of never ending searches and seizures.

Perhaps we can look forward to flying again. We hope we can help. Starting this week, some of our made-from-scratch doughnuts are available at Columbia Regional Airport. If you're traveling out of COU (and why drive when it's so easy to fly?) Monday - Friday you'll find our doughnuts in the main terminal's new cafe. 

So board your plane to Chicago or Dallas after having eaten our original glazed doughnut. love your flight, and Sweet travels, Columbia!