Doughnuts to Your Desk!

                                     Let's roll, COMO!

                                    Let's roll, COMO!

About 12 months ago a couple of us made several dozen doughnuts out of a rental kitchen in south Columbia. We took those boxes of doughnuts and hit the road in Columbia, delivering them to businesses in the area. Harold's Doughnuts was born.

Soon thereafter, we built an online doughnut ordering service on our website where customers could go and place orders for delivery. We called this service "Doughnuts to Your Desk"; the idea being people all around Columbia could pre-order boxes of doughnuts and have them show up at their office the next day. Kind of like Christmas Day for doughnut lovers.

After traveling thousands of miles on Columbia streets & building our first retail location in the heart of the city, we are thrilled to bring back Doughnuts to Your Desk one year to the day the first Harold's boxes left the rental kitchen. This Friday, June 19 we'll hit the road again and take another step in bringing Columbia and our loyal customers made-from-scratch doughnuts.

We can't wait to see you on the road!