harold's blend by fretboard coffee

In looking for a coffee partner to join our flagship store in columbia, we wanted to work with someone who loved their craft and cared about coffee as much as we care about doughnuts. after all, few things pair better than coffee and doughnuts.

Enter Dave Elman and fretboarD coffee. Located in columbia's north village arts district, fretboard is a family-owned coffee roasting company brewing one of columbia's finest cups of coffee since 2014. Dave's high standards for selecting and roasting only the world's best coffee beans blends harmoniously with our philosophy of using the highest quality flours in our doughnuts.

Harold's blend is our shop's signature coffee. it is the result of dave's exacting taste and results in a balanced and fresh blend sure to satisfy the palate of a coffee novice or connoisseur. find it in our shop by the bag or cup and purchase it here for delivery to your doorstep.

harold's doughnuts and fretboard coffee | loving our craft one cup at a time