one shining doughnut

how to play:

1. complete and submit a doughnut madness bracket by 10am thursday, march 15.*               

2. Keep score by following the ncaa tournament championship bracket (see below).

3. Follow Harold's on Facebook, instagram and Twitter to see the winners & prizes.

4. Share your completed bracket on social media with the hashtag #doughnutmadness for a chance to win more doughnuts and coffee!

*You can pick up a copy of the bracket at either of our Columbia stores. Or, click on the bracket below and print your own copy!

How scoring works in 2018

Doughnut matchup winners - i.e. Glazed vs. Twist - are determined by the results of the actual ncaa tournament championship bracket. In this example, since glazed is the 1 seed in the classics bracket it corresponds to the 1 seed in the east region of the ncaa tournament and so on.

each contestant is awarded points for every correct Pick. Scores are calculated using the following scoring system:

first round = 1 point for each correct pick

second round = 2 points for each correct pick

 sweet Sixteen = 4 points for each correct pick

Elite Eight = 8 points for each correct pick

Final four = 16 points for each correct pick

championship game = 32 points for the correct pick

Winners will be contacted via email and recognized on Harold's social media channels. still have questions? Please email us at or contact us on facebook or twitter!

how to win doughnuts & coffee!

first round points winner(s) = 1 dozen doughnuts delivered to your home or office!

Second round points Winner(s) = 1 dozen doughnuts + Coffee for 10 delivery!

sweet sixteen point winner(s) = free doughnuts + coffee for you & up to 10 friends & family at our south columbia shop!

Elite Eight Winner(s) = four free tickets to a LYC doughnut Making experience!

final four winner(s) = create + name your own doughnut creation to be featured in both of our shops for one month!

overall winner = free dozen doughnut delivery each week for the rest of 2018!

 snap a photo of your completed bracket and share it on social media!

Add #DOUGHNUTmadness in your post and you could win more doughnuts!