Embracing the Grind

It’s been two weeks since the Roots ‘N Blues ‘N BBQ Festival and just over a week since the close of our very own inaugural Rocheport Doughnut Festvial, and it’s safe to say that our heads feel like stand mixers set to high. Yes, we’ve been busy, but we’re so grateful for the opportunities to serve so many customers in and out of our shops. It’s times like these that allow the true spirit of our community - one filled with camaraderie and music and sugar-dusted love - to shine.

By the time the final chords were strummed at Stephens Lake Park two weekends ago, we served almost 1,400 customers in just two and a half days. According to our back-of-the-grease-stained-napkin math, we served nearly one customer per minute throughout the festival. That number by itself is pretty impressive, but add to it the fact that we simultaneously operated both of our Columbia stores during the fest and you’ll arrive at another 1,000 additional customers served during the Roots ‘N Blues weekend.

After the smoke cleared (and we’re talking literal smoke here…remember those pulled pork glazed doughnut sammies?) we gave ourselves a pat on the back. We let out a collective sigh of relief, but then remembered that we were mere days away from putting on our own music and doughnut festival 12 miles west of Columbia in Rocheport, Missouri. Back to work we went!

And boy are we glad we were up to the challenge, as our first ever Rocheport Doughnut Festival was a smashing success. Though the weekend turned out to be a bit drizzly, over 3,000 Mid-Missourians braved the weather to eat and jam with us. The strongest of heart (or maybe just the hungriest) who stuck with us on Sunday when the skies ripped open completely were treated to an intimate set by The Burney Sisters under the park’s sole pavilion. The setting made for a truly magical weekend.

While we wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to wrap up the Rocheport Doughnut Festival huddled underneath a shelter trying to avoid a downpour, this wild, damp ending seems to fit the past few weeks perfectly. The stillness of such an ethereal environment, good people drawn together in celebration of each other, and plenty of doughnuts to go around created a joyful respite that reminded us of why we do it all. We love Columbia, we love doughnuts and we love learning from people like you.

Our love of making scratch doughnuts might have been a catalyst for our journey thus far, but the past month has shown us that our tasty treats are just the beginning.

Oh, by the way, what’s next for Harold’s? Mizzou’s homecoming weekend is upon us. The next several days will be filled with black and gold fanfare as we anticipate serving new and old friends alike. Our heads may still be spinning, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.