Do What You Say, Say What You Do

Though the history of Harold’s is important to our story and our mission, we decided mere tradition isn’t enough to hang our hats (or aprons) on. We quickly learned that making the most delicious, unique goodies possible also requires healthy doses of integrity and discipline.

To us, that means everything that comes from our kitchen is made from scratch.* We don’t toss around that buzzword to attract customers; we truly take it to heart. Making yeast-raised dough, cake doughs, glazes, fillings, toppings, and even sprinkles from scratch has become a simple way of life for our business.

This technique is definitely not the easiest or the most efficient way to make doughnuts, so why bother? Easy. We believe food that is made fresh and with real, wholesome ingredients is better for our bodies than food that is pumped with preservatives and artificial additives. We also know that doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and kolaches that are made lovingly from scratch taste, well, better than those that aren’t. It really is that simple.

Taste and goodness are reasons enough to devote ourselves to scratch-baking, but making everything ourselves also allows us to develop strong relationships with local partners and vendors who grow food close to our home. Using locally-sourced ingredients (whenever possible) creates a superior product and encourages sustainability, but it also helps us stay true to our community-centric ideals. Harold’s began as a way to bring people together with something delicious, and we remain wholly faithful to this mission.

As we shared in our first post, “Discovering Harold’s”, our story began simply, by making doughnuts in a home kitchen. This practice is ingrained in our DNA; it’s the core of our value system, a habit that guides us through nearly every decision and step in our business. We know that merely saying something does not result in long-term success or effective change. That’s why we try to always marry our beliefs with our practice. Authenticity is the name of the doughnut game.

No matter how big this endeavor becomes or how many locations we open, we know that we will always be connected to our roots. By hiring genuine people, cracking real eggs and sourcing ingredients from our friends close to home, we will always retain the same spirit that flooded our home kitchen 7 years ago the night Harold’s truly began.

Ours is a labor of love, one that strives for authenticity above everything and chooses quality over ease. From this we have learned that doing what’s best is almost never synonymous with doing what’s easiest…in life, in business, or in interactions with others. That being said, we know a little extra work goes a long way. If you don’t believe us, come in for a taste. One bite just might change your mind.

*Ok, ok…there’s one item (just 1!) that we don’t make from scratch in either of our kitchens. That item is the sprinkles that top our buttermilk cake doughnuts. About two years ago we realized that we absolutely, positively had to have a sprinkle doughnut in our case for children - and parents - who visit our shop after our scratch sprinkles have been devoured. We couldn’t stand to see another frown! Perhaps one day we’ll develop a mechanism by which we can make our scratch sprinkles even faster and then we can remove the asterisk. Stay tuned!