Happy New Year! Happy New Doughnuts!

Happy New Year! If 2018 felt like a whirlwind to you, you’re not alone. As children, many of us can recall being told that “time flies when you’re having fun” as we played with friends or found ourselves immersed in an activity that suspended our awareness of time. At Harold’s, last year felt like we were children again as we expanded our business with a new retail location in south Columbia and dedicated ourselves to making and baking more doughnuts and cinnamon rolls than ever before.

The new year promises to be another fun ride. Along with the creation of new products, events and other fun initiatives, we’re implementing a few operational changes that will help us realize our goals in the new year and beyond.

Starting on Monday, January 7th, both of our shops will be closed on Mondays going forward. We made the decision to close on Mondays for two reasons: 1. To give our incredible team a predictable (and well-deserved) day off every week, and 2. To allow us more time and space to prepare and test new doughnuts and other products to share with you! Plus, building in a day of rest each week allows us to keep our kitchen equipment and stores running in tip-top shape.

So what’s in store for Harold’s in 2019? Here’s just a sampling of some of the things we can’t wait to get started on this year:

1. More Doughnut Bars!

We’re planning lots and lots of Doughnut Bar events at our downtown shop in 2019 which means you’ll be able to experience the latest and greatest flavors to come out of our kitchen on weekend nights! In fact, our first Doughnut Bar of the year is a big one - our birthday bash! - and will take place next Saturday, January 12th from 7 - 10pm.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but we’ll have another Doughnut Bar event coming up on Saturday, January 26th. Plus, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you better believe we’ve got some lovely plans in store for Cupid’s big day!

2. More Love Your Craft Experiences!

One of our favorite things we do is welcome groups of all types into our shop and make doughnuts together. A Love Your Craft Experience is an opportunity to join with a group of friends, family and colleagues to learn the process of scratch doughnut making and gain hands-on experience making your very own Harold’s doughnuts! These events are tailored to bring your family together for a fun activity or have a unique birthday celebration for children or adults. Also, Love Your Craft Experiences are a great fit for businesses looking for an out-of-office opportunity to build teamwork through doughnut making.

You can reserve your Love Your Craft Experience simply by visiting our Experiences page on our website and choosing the day - even Mondays! - and time that works best for you.

3. More Doughnuts, Cinnamon Rolls and...Yes, Kolaches!

For those of you who visited either one of our shops in December you may have recognized a handful of new flavors in our doughnut case. These flavors included scratch peppermint sprinkles, the debut of our chocolate yeast-raised doughnut, cherry pastry creme, and our scratch cranberry orange jam-filled doughnuts to name just a few.

Innovation is one of our guiding principles and allowing our team of accomplished bakers time and space to test new concepts will result in a unique and delicious doughnut eating experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our list of flavor concepts is long and we simply can’t wait to share new flavors and treats with you this year!

Savory kolaches will also join our menu for good later this month! And while we will offer a rotating menu of unique doughnuts every month, many of our classic doughnuts like our original glazed, chocolate cake, scratch sprinkles, Boston creme, and old-fashioned bar will never depart our menu.

4. More Coffee & Beverage Options!

For those of who you frequent either one of our shops you’re well aware of our superior coffee program powered by Fretboard Coffee. Beyond the magic of perfectly brewed Harold’s Blend coffee paired with any one of our scratch doughnuts exists a full espresso bar brimming with possibilities at our south Columbia location. Be sure to try our latest house flavor, the brown sugar and nutmeg latte, the next time you find yourself on the southside. Even more house-made coffee and beverage flavors will be released in 2019 so keep your eyes peeled for our latest creations throughout the year!

Cheers to a new year full of new possibilities and growth, Columbia! In four short years we’ve gone from making doughnuts in a rental kitchen to supporting two retail shops and lots of wholesale partners all around the Mid-Missouri region. It’s been an incredible and joyful ride. Time has flown by and we have you to thank for helping make our doughnut playground as fun as we could’ve imagined!

Have feedback for us? We want to hear from you! Please let us know how we’re doing by reaching out at hello@haroldsdoughnuts.com. Follow our story on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest news and flavors to come out of our kitchens!