The Harold's Playbook

If you look up the word "playbook" in a dictionary, you'll find a few ways the word is commonly used in today's lexicon. Most often, "playbook" is used to reference a set of diagrammed football plays or more broadly, describe a script of strategies used by a group of people who are united in achieving a shared goal.

Although it's nearly September and the game of football is seemingly ever-present, this isn't the place where you'll find analysis of your favorite football team's game-planning and play scripting (no matter how fun it would be to delve into Jon gruden's love of "spider 2y banana").  Instead, this is the place where you'll find an account of the harold's story, our people, our processes, exciting business developments and achievements, and so much more.

Our goal and motive behind The harold's playbook is to create a place where we offer a transparent look into our business in an effort to strengthen communication and collaboration with those we serve. Indeed, the most effective playbooks aren't one-sided affairs; they're built with knowledge that comes from a shared set of experiences and perspectives.

We are thrilled you're here, and we encourage you to return to this place often and share your comments and feedback below or in any other manner that suits you.

Consider the harold's playbook your singular resource on everything from answering the question, "Who is Harold?" to discovering our newest doughnut creations and the inspiration behind their discovery (did someone say coffee cake doughnut and New york cheesecake doughnut?!).

finally, in the spirit of perhaps the original definition of the word "playbook", we couldn't be more excited to announce that Harold's is the official doughnut of mizzou athletics!

for those of you who frequent Mizzou football games, women's soccer and softball games, basketball and baseball games, and other athletic events, harold's will be ubiquitous in and around stadiums and elsewhere in columbia this year and beyond as you cheer for 'ol mizzou.

Welcome to the harold's playbook. Let's script our story together!